Why Rocks?

About the photo: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

I like to hike. Day hikes, often in national parks or monuments or in my home state of Wisconsin. And, I like to take photos of the places I hike. Not a great hiker or a great photographer. But, I’m doing what I like to do, the way I like to do it.

Before following a couple other career paths, I was a small town newspaper reporter and photographer in northern Wisconsin. And, over the years I did a few bike tours, but fewer and fewer as years passed. In 2011, getting back into biking seemed like a good idea, along with going somewhere I hadn’t been. Utah! The tour, through Woman Tours, was great. And, I was absolutely hooked on Utah. I’ve been back at least once a year since that first trip.

The scenery was so spectacular, photographs seemed essential. Doing photos from a bike is fairly hard for me. So, venturing into hiking was a logical “step.” For an introduction, I did an REI tour in Utah, also great. (If it matters, I was 62 when I started hiking.) The interest in hiking and photography has become more and more consuming, along with an interest in national parks and monuments. 

Me and the arch
Me at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah

The next step was camping, particularly in the parks where I would be hiking. Nice to stay near the trails and scenery. Renting a Jucy Van and spending a week touring the five national parks in Utah with a friend prompted a need for my own campervan. (Check out the post about Uncle Gerald, the Campervan, under Gear and Stuff.)

I’m retired now, with more time for camping, hiking and photos. The number of photos and amount of hiking/camping information (too much learned through mistakes!) has gotten rather overwhelming. I wanted to do something with all that “stuff,” and would like to do a little writing — sort of back to the days of reporting and taking photos. A website seemed like a good plan. Hence, Lots of Rocks.

Why Lots of Rocks? Well, it’s a warning of sorts. When I share photos from my trips, I always tell people that I REALLY like rocks. Always have since I was a kid growing up near Duluth, Minnesota, and found some baseball-sized agates in the garden. I take a lot of photos of rocks. Some lakes. Some trees. Maybe occasionally a person. But, more rocks than anything else.

Edith Merila

Fitchburg, WI