16. Council Grounds State Park

16. Council Grounds State Park

Council Grounds State Park was the second stop on the five-park tour. It’s near Merrill, about a half hour north of the first stop at Rib Mountain State Park. I visited Council Grounds on the same day as Rib Mountain, July 16.

It was nice to be heading north. The southern part of the state was in a heat wave, with temperatures over 90 and high humidity. Rib Mountain had been a bit humid, but too hot. And, Council Grounds was even nicer in terms of temperature and humidity. It was warm, but not hot. There was just enough heat and humidity to make the shade of the pines on the trails very welcome. The mosquitoes were not so welcome.

Going from one end of the park to the other on the trails was about all the mosquitoes I could take, even though it was very scenic and smelled wonderful — pure northern pine! (The photo at the top is from the trails at Council Grounds.) Council Grounds is a small park, 509 acres with four miles of trails. On the way back, I walked along the road, which was not as shaded but had relatively few mosquitoes.

The fringe benefit of walking along the road was that it’s right along the Wisconsin River. Very pretty. There’s a dam on the river within the park. Don’t quite know why, but I do like to check out the dams.

Wisconsin River
Council Grounds offers plenty of views and access to the Wisconsin River. This is just down river from the dam.