About the photo: Cranes at Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island, one of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, just off the Wisconsin coast

2019: Wisconsin State Park Project

I tend to go to just a few of Wisconsin’s state parks — primarily Blue Mound or Devil’s Lake near home or Copper Falls when heading north. But there are 49 parks. All but one have hiking trails. Many have interesting rocks. Need to visit more!

So, the project is to see how many of the parks I can visit in a year. There is a tab on the menu called Park Project. Each park visit gets a photo or two and a short narrative.

Wisconsin also has state forests, recreation areas and other public lands that offer great hiking opportunities. I’m going to pass on those this year and focus just on the parks. Kind of like the folks who try to visit all 61 national parks in a year, while passing on the national monuments, national lakeshores and other properties operated by the National Park Service.

And, of course, there will be some out-of-state trips in 2019, too. Might be a challenge to hit all of the Wisconsin state parks, but that’s the goal.


Edith Merila

Fitchburg, WI